Some of Our Favorites from Past Dinners —


Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho

Extra-ripe tomato gazpacho served with basil and lovage oil. Carrot top & fennel frond pesto on french bread with pickled kale stems. 


Summer Sorbets

A pair of summer sorbets served with gentle rhubarb compote. Sorbet 1:  Pineapple core & bruised apple reduction with lavender. Sorbet 2: Aged peach & nectarine with mint sorbet.


Pickle Platter

Pickled watermelon rind, broccoli stalk, kale stems, green beans and baby beets. Served with carrot green pesto, squash noodles and aged zucchini butter on yesterday's toast.


Broccoli Stalk Slaw

Shaved stalk of broccoli and blanched organic carrot peel with a soy-ginger drizzle, topped with black sesame.




Root-to-stalk Roasted Radish

Roasted "runt" radishes topped with citrus peel salt. Pickled snap peas and fennel stalks with aged tangerine and anise.


Bruised Beet Tartare

Bruised baby beets with a creamy cashew cheese, served on a bed of shaved, rescued radish.


Sweet Weeds Spanikopita

Lambsquarter, chickweed & beet green spanikopita. Served with roasted ripe tomato and salsa verde.


Office Coffee Butter & Recycled Rice Bread

Fresh butter whipped with an end-of-the-day office coffee reduction. Served on freshly baked bread with yesterday's rice.